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Weather of Xining

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Qinghai Hotel 青海宾馆

Because of us, it is different!

Core Competence

Let the guests feel satisefied and surprise

Quality Concept

Detail oriented and go for perfect

The Essence of Management

High standard and strict require


To be a good man, to do something right; To be a faithful man, to do solid things.

Five State

Honesty, selfless dedication, dimension of responsibility, wise and kind and solidarity and friendship

Five Standard

Trust, careful, strict require, nnovattion and being the first forever

Four Heart

Loyalty to enterprise, make an effort to work, love staff and sincere to colleague

Less and More

Less selfshness, more public idea; Less demand, more dedication; Less complain, more doer.

Service Declaration

Boutique Service

Work Style

Carry out sth. resolutely and out-and-out

Executive Force

Do it with order and stop with ban.