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The hotel industry is resources, human and knowledge intensive industry, involves many areas: land resources, building materials, energy and manpower resources, natural environment and other aspects. Hotel industry is a service industry, stakeholders include: employees, shareholders, customers, society, supply chain partners.

Now people speak most, is also the most fashionable topic, is green environmental protection hotel, the late 1990 s, Europe, North America the rise of the green hotel standard. Green hotel with safety, health, environmental protection, energy saving, water conservation and power saving as the core, advocating green consumption and create green benefit, abandon the traditional hotel spell hardware, high investment, low efficiency and low price competition model, is followed the international hotel industry development pattern, and guide the correct, benign hotel industry's competitive path, is supports the development and save pay equal attention to, and gradually build a saving of Chinese hotel industry structure and consumption structure of the basic way, but also to carry out "humanist, the all-round development" of the scientific concept of development, the development of recycling economy in the hotel industry's concrete embodiment and practice innovation.

About the hotel industry to the local culture tradition of respect for and protection. Now the building trades like impulse blunder of young people, bring a building at the same time, destroying the local cultural context, and architectural design industry practitioners level uneven, lead to building in a rut, can not stand the test of time, not how long will become the city's stains.