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Food Service

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Jinxiuting Restaurant
    It is located in the western of the second floor in the hall. It is the Chinese restaurant that mainly manages bird's-nest, abalone, shark fin, cantonese dish, Sichuan dish, Hunan cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine and typical local dish.
Servicing Time: Breakfast 07:00-09:30 Lunch 11:30-14:30 Dinner 17:30-21:30
Dining Rooms
    It is consisted of Yunshu Hall, Lanshang Hall, Meilun Hall, Wangyue Hall, Lanting Hall and others.
    It is on the second floor of the hall. It mainly provides tea, drink, wine, coffee, all kinds of snacks and room service.
Servicing Time: 7:00 a.m to next 1:00 Tel:2145
Business Club
It is on the twelfth floor. Tel:1208
1. Afternoon Tea: 14:30 - 17:30
2. Bar: 10:00 - 22:00
3. Internet Bar:10:00 - 22:00
4. Hair and Beauty: 8:30 - 12:00 14:30 - 18:00 Tel:1207