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Weather of Xining

Day: Light RainNight: Rain and Snow
30F ~ 46F
Light Rain To Rain and Snow
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  •     Qinghai Lake is the largest endorheic lake and salt-water lake in China. Its voluminous and misty scenery likes a tear on the surface of the earth. Located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Lake has a acreage of 4456 sq.km and perimeter of 360km ...[More]

  •     Riyue Mountain (Sun-and-Moon Mountain), part of the Qilian Mountain Range, Situated 40 kilometers (25 miles) from southwest of Huangyuan County in Xining, Riyue (Sun and Moon) Mountain marks the boundary between ...[More]

  •     In 1950s, China Nuclear Weapon Development Base was located on Jingyintan Grassland, Haiyan County. It was on this 1170 sq km penalty area, Chinese scientists struggled on developing atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb ...[More]

  •     this is one place of dense green grass shade , peaceful day lake arcadia. romantic gold and silver beach grasslands , carpet of flowers , an elegant style , blue sky , white cloud form a delightful contrast...[More]

  •     Kunlun Mountain lies in Qinghai Provicne, is 1,200 kilometers long, 60 to120 kilometers wide and 5,500 meters on the average above see level. The altitude of the highest peak reaches 6,860 meters...[More]

  •     The Longyangxia Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam at the entrance of the Longyangxia canyon on the Yellow River in Gonghe County, Qinghai Province, China. The dam is 178 metres ...[More]

  •     The Bird Island in Qinghai Lake ranks the top among the eight birds natural resorts. It is consisted of two parts. As a result of the mild climate in spring, summer and fall, most of the migratory birds such as bareheaded goose, brown-headed gull ...[More]

  •     Kumbum Monastery, also known as Ta'er Monastery, is located at the Lusar Town of Huangzhong County, 25 kilometers southwest of Xining, Qinghai Province. Built as early as in 1379, the monastery is one of the six famous monasteries ...[More]